Release Date: 1987 Publishers: Distinctive Software

"Ace of Aces" for the Atari XL/XE platforms is a World War II flight simulation game that immerses players in the thrilling world of air combat. Released by Accolade in 1987 and developed by Distinctive Software with programmers Amory Wong, Kevin P. Pickell, and Tony Lee leading the project, the game puts you in control of the Mosquito, the maverick RAF fighter-bomber.

In this game, players face off against enemy aircraft, submarines, and V-1 Buzz Bombs. "Ace of Aces" offers a combination of flight exhilaration and the intense pressure of enemy confrontation, requiring both strategic planning and dexterity in direct confrontations.

The game provides four different mission scenarios, including attacking submarines, chasing down bombers, and preventing the transport of POWs. Players can choose to practice any single scenario or embark on a full mission, each with its own intelligence report including weather conditions, expected adversaries, and recommended armaments. The choice of armament and fuel is crucial, as there's no turning back once a mission starts.

Reviews highlight "Ace of Aces" for its exceptional graphics and detail, which may affect gameplay smoothness. Nonetheless, it is considered an interesting option for fans of flight simulators and war games from that era.

"Ace of Aces" is rated as a moderately difficult game, requiring patience and skill from players to adapt to its unique gameplay style that blends simulation elements with action.