Release Date: 2016 Publishers: ARSOFT - ARKADIUSZ LUBASZKA

In the heart of the digital Atari world, a legend was born in 2016. Laura, our story's protagonist, received a mysterious invitation from Arkadiusz Lubaszka, Paweł Szewczyk, and Bartłomiej Wieczorkowski—the creators of the game "Laura". This game became a portal to unimaginable adventures. Fearless and eager for discovery, Laura decided to traverse the labyrinths created from their imagination, inspired by the classics of Atari XL/XE gaming.

Following the light that pulsed in tune with an exceptional soundtrack, she crossed thresholds, unveiling the secrets hidden within the challenging mazes. Each puzzle solved was like a page written in the history of gaming, a testament to the passion and creativity of its creators. Laura became a link between worlds—the real one, where Arkadiusz, Paweł, and Bartłomiej breathed life into her adventure, and the digital one, where she became a heroine.

As Laura delved deeper into the mysteries of the labyrinth, she realized her mission carried greater meaning. It wasn't just a journey through a series of puzzles, but a voyage into the souls of the creators who, in 2016, chose to share their vision with the world. Amid the digital corridors of Atari XL/XE, Laura stumbled upon fragments of conversations, ideas, and dreams that inspired her creators to forge this world.

The game "Laura" turned out to be not only an intellectual challenge but also a bridge between generations of gamers, blending nostalgic memories with modern narrative. Guided by Bartłomiej's music, Paweł's graphics, and Arkadiusz's programming, Laura became a symbol of how far passion and imagination can take us.

When Laura uncovered the key to the final puzzle, she understood that the true mystery lay not in the journey's end but within herself and the people who created her. The story of Laura and her creators from 2016 is a reminder that behind every game are people—their stories, dreams, and relentless desire to create.

Thus, in the digital world of Atari, a story was born that transcended the limits of imagination, becoming a bridge connecting worlds, generations, and hearts.